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Listen: H.P. Lovecraft - Its about time (1968)

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Format FLV
Duration 00:05:20
Genre Music
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"H. P. Lovecraft was an American psychedelic rock band, formed in Chicago. Combining elements of psychedelia and folk rock, the band's sound was marked by the striking vocal harmonies of ex-folk singer George Edwards and the classically-trained Dave Michaels. They Inspired in the the horror writer H. P. Lovecraft. George Edwards -- vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, guitarrĂ³n, bass (1967--1969) Dave Michaels -- vocals, organ, piano, harpsichord, clarinet, recorder (1967--1968) Tony Cavallari -- lead guitar, vocals (1967--1969) Michael Tegza -- drums, percussion, timpani, vocals (1967--1969) Jerry McGeorge -- bass, vocals (1967--1968) Jeff Boyan -- bass, vocals (1968--1969) This band is one of my favourites insane bands. Cheers from Mexico."
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